Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yong Tau Foo Soup

Yong Tau Foo Soup
Famous Yong Tau Foo Soup from Gao Ji.
I just can't resist Yong Tau Foo. The soup from Gao Ji is so savory, and most importantly, its low in calories as compared to the other sinful food you can find in a hawker centre.

Kcal per piece
beancurd skin, deep fried -79kcal
tofu with fish paste - 63kcal
taupok with fish paste - 35kcal
boiled eggplant with fish paste - 31kcal
fishmeat wrapped with taukee - 20kcal
squid roll - 11kcal
red chilli with fish paste - 8kcal
bittergourd with fish paste - 9kcal
lady's finger with fish paste - 5kcal

red sauce 1 spoonful - 23kcal

fishmeat wrapped with mixed items, noodles not included - 296kcal

I always thought that tofu is very low in calories! Think I have to cut down on that in future. Be careful of the red sauce too! It's a scary 23kcal each spoonful! That's a lot!

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