Saturday, June 20, 2009


If you follow the Taiwan pop culture like me, you would know who she is...

她不喜欢运动,自创懒人减肥法——忌口,她说:“早餐吃火腿蛋三明治配奶茶,中午之后就不吃了,如果很饿,宣传会给我口香糖让我嚼,或者吃一点水果”。read more here

Apparently, she slimmed down by staring at breads! OMG. And she is not fat in the first place loh!! People like her always spoiling the market! How can fat people like us survive??!!

Personally I feel she feels like Jolin after she slimmed down. Always in a daze, lost the shine in her eyes. We slim down for beauty, not to become freaks!

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