Monday, June 15, 2009

LCGOTW: Vietnamese Spring Rolls

xin chào !

By the time this post is up, I am already in Vietnam!!! Ho Chi Minh City!

Vietnamese food are known to be healthy. No fat people in Vietnam!

vietnamese spring rolls - top, originally uploaded by Kitsch-en.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls
130kcal for 2 rolls
(depending on what you put inside the rolls, the kcal varies. I think boiled chicken or prawn is the best. Just don't put sinful stuff like sausage and you will be fine. )

I was first introduced to Vietnamese Spring Rolls in one of our school's Healthy Lifestyle event. Someone from the Health Promotion Board came to do a cooking demo on these goodies.

Always thought they must taste bland and disgusting. But turns out to be super yummy! I will buy some Vietnamese Spring Rolls Wrappers when I am in Vietnam!

*No, you are not supposed to fry it or dip too much sauce!

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