Wednesday, June 3, 2009

LCGOTW: 旺旺仙贝 Wang Wang Xian Bei

LCGOTW= Low Calories Goodie of the Week
(Until I find a better name, that shall be the name for this weekly recommendation la)

Ok people. I am not a good queen, didn't take care of my subjects.. But here you are, the goodie of the weekly..

旺旺仙贝 Wang Wang Xian Bei
27kcals every 2 pieces, or 1 small packet

I always loved 旺旺仙贝. I think they did a very good advertising campaign during my pri-sec school days. The tagline of the advert, "旺旺真够味,旺旺!" never fails to come to me when I eat wangwang.


And yes! It's low in cal!! Only 27kcals for every 2 pieces. They are good for your craving for salty junk like Ruffles or Lays. Very cheap also. Recommended for everyone who wants to lose weight. However, unlike the Muji crackers, it is very salty and will make you want to eat more and more.. But but but.. It's better to snack on this than potato chips/chocolates or other sinful stuff.

Try to limit yourself to only 2 a day ok! :)


  1. How does it compare to Bin bin?

  2. Bin Bin has slightly more calories per packet. Taste wise, Wang wang is saltier thus I prefer wangwang, but of course, there are people who prefer bingbing.