Sunday, June 21, 2009

Calories of Common Singapore food Part 1

A colleague of mine gave me this little booklet of the common Singapore food.

I am sharing this here.. It's really useful, has calories of food like Fried Kuey Tiao.. etc

For example,

1 plate of Hor Fun, 660g = 708kcal

1 bowl Red Bean Soup, 490g = 381kcal

Scary right??!!! But there are also some pleasant surprises:

1 Soon Kueh, 80g = 98kcal
(without sauce!)

1 bowl Wanton Noodles soup, 410g=217kcal

download it here:
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  1. The info u've provided r great! makes me control my calories!!! Thanks babe!

  2. No problem! Stay tuned for more updates!

  3. Hi. May i know whats the name of the booklet?