Tuesday, June 9, 2009

LCGOTW: Coke Light

Coke Light
Coke Light
ZERO kcal
85cents NTUC
$1-$3 Eateries

This is the best drink ever. Unlike Pepsi Light and Coke Zero, which taste very artificial, Coke Light taste great. Not too sweet and don't leave a bitter aftertaste like Coke Zero. In fact, I think its better than the "real" Coke. "Real" Coke taste very sweet and sinful. Most importantly, it's ZERO KCAL!!!! ^o^

I heart Coke Light!
(I think its has 0.something kcal, but Coca Cola round it to Zero Kcal per 100ml)

I only order this or mineral water when I am out. You not only have to be careful of what to eat when you are on a diet, you must also watch what you drink. We can easily consume close to 300kcal when we are drinking if we are not careful. (300kcal is close to a burger already! )

Always always remember to check the nutrition facts before eating or drinking anything!

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  1. Hey, not true. Coke actually replace the normal sugar for something else which is worse...although they have down the kcal but still not healthy.