Tuesday, June 23, 2009


No-l-ita, No Anorexia

Too fat is scary, but too skinny is not good either.
I know it's very unkind of me to say this, but everytime I saw this ad, I will feel very uncomfortable. I feel nausea :(

I think this will serve as a reminder to all of us here, not to go overboard with our dieting. But well. Anorexic is still very very far away for me.......

*fyi, the model is Isabelle Carro.


  1. omg, her breasts are so saggy...it's horrifying!

    Vicissitudes of Life

  2. Hi I know this is last year but I did say the same thing to myself when i was dieting but i forgot and turned anorexic without even knowing because I kept counting calories and was obsessed with the nutritional value of the food i ate. so. just be careful ^^;