Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's on the tip of my tongue.

It's on the tip of my tongue., originally uploaded by Olivia Bee.

Sorry for the lack of updates! (again)
Truth is, family member unwell, so got to MIA for a while. But you know that's just an excuse, I could update if I have the will to. I guess I am just physically, emotionally weak or something?

Anyway, I am back, and here are some updates on the dieting.

I actually lost 1kg in a week just before the school terms ends (finally) for the year. So I basically lost just 1 kg for the whole of 2009. That's really lousy news as I desperately want to be slimmer. This 1kg is the final weight after all the stress for the year and after I started this whole vegetarian thing. Hate to say this, but having no meat is so ruining my diet plans as I am now the new carbo hungry monster. :( But that's my inner evil, and as usual I am sure I can conquer it.

I am looking into better control with my diet and such as things are getting better at home and at work. But hell, it's school holidays. How to not indulge? I think I will start meditation or something. Anything that works.

Gonna start waking early for that long work. So cya. I promise more updates ok? :)

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