Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fruits and Me (Calories of Apples)

Green apple, originally uploaded by Hugo Provoste.

I used to love eating fruits. My favourite has been apples, oranges, guava... (and the list goes on) I ate so much of them for the past year in order to lose weight. One fine day, I was looking at the packet of cut fruits my mum had prepared for me. Then I just can't stand the smell of it anymore. It's like the most disgusting smell ever.

So I stopped eating fruits for a while. However, last Saturday, on a overnight stay in a hotel with a few girlfriends. I was feeling hungry and the only low calorie food available are the delicious looking green apples on the tables. Finally I ate them.

Wola! My love for fruits came back in full, and I think it's just in time as I had gained at least 2 kg from the holidays.

I am going to blog on the fruits I intend to eat for the next few days :)

Starting with my favourite:

1 Green Apple = 48kcal.
1 Red Apple = 52kcal

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