Saturday, May 23, 2009

Speed of Weight Loss

Another common question that was asked.

How long did I take to lose 20 kg?
Well, I took only 6 months to lose 20 kg. This is because I am very fat to begin with. The heavier you are, the more calories required each day. For a very heavy body like that I naturally have a high calorie count. Thus if you do your Maths, to reduce my calories intake to 1,350 daily, I got a bigger difference than someone who is only 60 kg.

Acc0rding to my GP, (I always bug him with a lot of questions regarding weight loss when I visit him.. heee.. Free professional advice) the weight loss should be no more than 0.5-1kg per week. Anything more than that will be unhealthy.

I was actually feeling quite weak during that period of time. I feel very dizzy and look pale all the time. It's really quite bad, affecting my work already. Cannot run around with the kids as I used to, and I don't even have enough energy for them. So I visited the doc. I thought I would be getting a scolding that I was too extreme in my dieting and all, but to my surprise he didn't. He told me that my speed of weight loss is still acceptable, and I am probably feeling unwell because I didn't have enough vitamins(need more variety in veggie..) and because my body is still trying to adjust to the loss of weight.

51/365 Supplements
Thus, he prescribed me with multi-vitamins. They are like some miracle pills for me. After taking the multi-vitamins daily, I no longer feel dizzy or look pale. (I will, when I forget to eat them -__-) And it really helped me to pull through those 6 months.

Now, I no longer lose weight as fast, and I kinda stop eating them for a while. I don't feel weak or dizzy without them. I think my body has already adapted to my new weight. :)

However, I have started to eat them again, as I have started on my journey from size 10 to 8 now. So for precaution wise, I think it would be better to have some supplements. Anyway, they are supplements and not any dieting pills. No harm eating them la.

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