Sunday, May 17, 2009

Queen in 10.

The reason why I called this blog Queen in 10 is because I just bought a blouse from Dorothy Perkins that's in size 10. (Oh no, I sound so bimbo!!!!)

I know a lot of people are size 10 so there is nothing for me to be hao lian about. But hallo, Lao Niang was a size 18 last time ok!! So imagine how happy I was when I can fit into that size 10 blouse.

Actually that blouse is a bit too plain for its hefty price, so I didn't buy it when I first saw it. (See. I still got my 理智!)
Me in the fitting room, wearing the top for the first time.

But as with all girls, I just cannot forget that blouse, even when it's in my least favorite color, its expensive..etc etc. For the next few days the only thing on my mind was the blouse. It's my first size 10 you see! I went back to the shop again, tried on the same blouse, but decided that the economy is really bad, no more mid year bonus, maybe no more GST credit next year, so I didn't buy it again.

But the image of the dress kept coming back to me..

Finally, I gave in and called the shop in Bugis, using my lousy and broken Engrish to give a description of the top, and politely asked them to keep one SIZE TEN for me. Then I went back at my third trip the following weekend to own that very memorable top forever.


Ok I must admit that I haven't tried on any new tops after that one. (No time for shopping! Busy with work!) I know probably I am still not a size 10. Could be just happened that I can fit into that cut's 10. But I am still happy la.

In this economy crisis, I can still afford a top, and size 10 somemore leh! :P

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