Wednesday, June 5, 2013

One minute Plank daily for Flat Tummy

Three weeks ago, Star sent me this picture.

For those of you who doesn't understand Chinese, what this is saying is that if you hold this begger style plank pose for one minute everyday, you will be able to tone the muscles that are highlighted in the picture.

I been trying hard to get rid of the extra fat on my tummy, so this came in timely.

After doing this one minute plank daily for just one week, I'm beginning to notice a less flabby tummy. I can feel the muscles in my tummy area hardening up. Now, I am at my third week into this daily exercise, and I really think that it helps a lot. I have lost 1 inch around my waist. :D 

Since last week, I had increased the load, and doing two minutes of plank everyday. Hopefully my efforts will pay off, and I will be able to say high to a flat tummy soon. 


  1. I am so happy that you are updating the blog regularly! I read your blog long time ago, and I thought you stopped updating :(

    Was looking around for Bak Zhang calories and found yours, again! :D

    Keep posting ya babe! Should do a FB page for easy updates too! I will definitely follow :D

    1. Dear PB, welcome back!

      I don't think I will do a FB page. I prefer the old school way of blogging :P

      PS: go easy on the ba zhang!

  2. For a flat tummy and for your efforts to pay off sooner, try substituting milk products with soy (reduced sugar/0 sugar), replace white rice porridge with oatmeal or use brown rice, cut out simple carbs as much as you can (like sugar) and reduce your salt intake. Drink more water** (to detox your body!). Me swear by oats, soy products, beans, baked almonds, complex carbs for steady weight loss and toning. Good luck! :)

    I do cheat a weekly..else deprivation leads to irritability and urges to binge on sugary stuff, esp when PMS :P