Monday, October 5, 2009

The Hunt for Clothes

Shops in Singapore usually carry clothes that are S XS or S pretending to be M.

Hallo? U think everyone is small size? Where is human rights for the bigger ladies???

The other day when I attended a course with a course-mate, she sigh in agreement that all the sizes in Asia are too small. They can only fit Vietnamese as girls. But girls from HK, TW CN just think that they are too fat and are all trying to slim down to Vietnamese size so that they can fit into those clothes. Then shops only import skinny clothes of Vietnamese size again, and the vicious cycle goes on and on.... As a result, L girls like us can only wear clothes from ZARA MANGO.. etc. But come to think about it, who cares anyway right? The clothes from ZARA might be slightly more expensive, but at least they are pretty and tasteful. All the s and xs clothes from Fareast can look so cheapo haaaaaa..

I guess whether you are big or small, finding clothes that is right for you, is not easy. Like what another course-mate said,

I went looking for clothes online and found a few interesting sites for bigger ladies. So I bought some clothes that look really pretty on screen. They are in M and L, which is the size for me. Keeping my finger crossed. Hope they are as pretty as they looked.

Will post more pics once I get my loot(Which might take 3 hundred years to reach sg cuz I use airmail to save $$)!

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