Wednesday, October 21, 2009

200 Pounds Beauty

This must be another favorite movie of Big people. When I first watch this movie, I was really like the girl in the show, 200 pounds. I cried while I was watching the girl reveal her secrets in the movie. Of course, things are a little different now, but I still share the same sentiments with the girl in the movie.

Sometimes it just feel that you are no longer the same person anymore.

There is this period of time after I've shed 20kg that I felt very lost. I can no longer find "myself" in the mirror anymore. I don't feel like the person in the mirror. You might think that this is some joyous movement, but the truth is, I feel quite frightened. Like I am suddenly placed in a body that is not mine. I don't even know how to be myself anymore.

I think the ending of this movie, the part that the girl reveals her secrets, and shares her fears, really sums up my feelings.

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