Saturday, September 12, 2009

Let Them Eat The Cake

After C.S.I came to a boring end, I have nothing else to look forward to.
Finally, I decided to try watching HOUSE, and man, I was addicted immediately.

Started watching it at the last 3 episode of the latest season. But lucky for me, AXN is repeating the older episodes of HOUSE, so I get my daily dosage.

HOUSE is very much like C.S.I and Scrubs come together. 2 of my favorite shows. And I also love the solitude and bitterness that is unique to this serial.

Apart from the sarcasm, and wit of the limping hallucinating man, I also found myself worshipping 13, a female doctor with Huntingtons. She is just so pretty. It's the kind of pretty I would want in myself. Confident, smart and wicked.

Sorry I digress.

The whole purpose of this blog post is that there is this episode, Let Them Eat the Cake, that someone actually had a gastric bypass surgery. The lady apparently had a Hereditary condition, and have to maintain a high carbohydrates diet to survive.

To cut the story short, the lady was given two options. To undo the bypass, which would save her life, but all the carbohydrates and fat that is necessary will only make her obsese again in no time. Another option is to rely on drugs that would not treat her, nor make her healthy. It would only manage her symptoms.

Well, which do you think the lady in question chose?

I guess the answer is pretty obvious for someone who chose gastric bypass in order to get skinny.

The thing I like about HOUSE is how it would put these ethical and life situations in front of you in a TV serial.
It is not merely getting fat. It meant trapping in a body of hell that would be beyond being fat. It will make you extremely overweight, maybe someday you will grow more than 200kg, and you will be on a wheelchair as your legs could no longer carry your weight. Or would you rather bear with those symptoms?

(Symptoms include reddish-purple urine, acute neurological problems (typically episodic confusion and sensory changes), and attacks of acute abdominal/nerve pain. Around 30% suffer photosensitive skin eruptions with nail involvement; these can lead to permanent scarring.)

I guess sometimes getting a treatment can be more painful than living with the pain.

What about you? What would you choose?

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