Saturday, July 4, 2009

Calories of Common Fast Food - Mcdonalds 1

Everyone loves fast food right? It's the whole American culture thing. We all know how unhealthy fries are, but deeply we just love eating Junk. I remember watching Jamie Olive's Fast Food Nation, and he demonstrate how Chicken nuggets are made by chicken skin, bones, liver, basically other parts of the chicken except for the meat. I was quite turned off for like 1 month, after that I quickly go back to nuggets again. Nuggets are just too tasty!

My favourite!

But, this is a diet blog and I am supposed to give you tips on losing weight. So I am providing some information on the calories count behind common fast food. Hopefully the numbers will scare you off.

(I quit fast food for quite a while. But occasionally 1 or 2 nuggets is still fine IMHO! :P )

All time favourite...


When people ask me how "fat" something is, I always measure food in units of MCD's burger. For example, 1 plate of Hokkien Mee is 2 Filllet Burgers.. etc

*Calories information from MCD Singapore.


1 Big Breakfast = 560kcal

1 Sausage McGriddles = 350kcal

1 Set of Hotcakes = 560kcal
1 Set of Hotcakes with Sausage = 650kcal

1 Sausage McMuffin = 280kcal
Sausage McMuffin with Egg = 360kcal
1 Egg McMuffin =290kcal

1 Hashbrown = 156kcal

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